About Us

Healthy Lunches and Dinners

Fed up with the lack of chef inspired food at and affordable price, Chef Jesse Sword set out to solve that problem. Rogue Eats combines traditional favorites to locally inspired dishes. At Rogue Eats we make everything from scratch, sourced local when available, and made fresh daily. We are located in the Rogue Valley Mall. Many people ask “why the mall?”. The answer is simple.


Traditionally mall food leaves you feeling full, greasy and lethargic. With changing times people are looking for alternatives for food selections. With all the different food allergies and diet restrictions Rogue Eats is set out to help provide what any foodie is looking for. If your looking for Keto, paleo, or vegan Rogue Eats can provide for your needs. We use local wood to smoke our pork and salmon. Yes a real wood smoker in the Mall!!

Our root vegetables are chopped and roasted daily as well. When you’re looking for something unique and fresh, check out Rogue Eats.


Stop in and grab a bite!